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March 24, 2013
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[prank] NEW Web Based fake Windows Update screen by fediaFedia [prank] NEW Web Based fake Windows Update screen by fediaFedia


New version with more features. Check it out:
Just in time for April Fools. Please don't bring it down..
Aaaand it's down. Mirror: Main one should be up in a yiffy.

Oh good, it's down again. You can try a mirror meanwhile:
Just an FYI - this works on windows, mac, linux or whatever. It just needs a browser and internet connectivity.

Now works.
EDIT: Looks like the server is dead from all of the requests. I'll reupload it to another one soon.

Hey guys, just thought I'd share something I did a few weeks before out of boredom.

Basically it's a fake Windows Update screen that resides entirely in your browser. With April the 1st coming up, here are the following potential practical uses:

> Go to an Apple Store. Type in on one or all of their Macs and Press F11 for fullscreen. Be escorted out of the store by angry employees.
> Do the same on any of your college computers and watch people just stand there confused
> Use it in your office to slack off or get a break
> Use it as an excuse in your botched PowerPoint presentations


> Loops forever.
> Hides the cursor, almost impossible to tell if it's fake
> Adjusts to any screen size
> Very realistic

Soon I'll do some improvements to it (thank you everyone for suggestions):

> Changing the Language
> More accurate Windows 8 version
> Windows XP version
> Ability to add your own text (maybe?)

Silly stuff. It matters.TM

Follow me on Twitter if you want, I'll post updates to this thing there: @fediafedia [link]
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Daily Deviation

Given 2013-04-13
This prank was really funny. I liked the fact that this could be used to prank others. It brings laughs to my mind.

The thing is though, the W8 version wasn't really accurate. I use it, and I know that the thing uses no logo, that new white dot wheel, and one of those Segoe fonts without a shadow. I know, I'm really nitpicky. Besides, I don't think the workers at Apple Stores even know what Windows 8 looks like. :P

Overall, I loved this. Fedia, you've made a great thing. I love all of your work none the less, for sure!
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This is actually a great joke,it can be a big laugh for you. My friend just was like "Ahh,an update, please not again Windows, I'll simply restart *left-click,right-click*....What the hell?" Lol, but the spanish version is not 100% accurate on the translation, as the english version is on the Windows Vista, 7 and 8.
This is pure evil genius, keep the great work going
Microsoft should call you for a job being the one who makes the User Interface.
I just think that this is very great, the best PC prank I had ever seen lately, amazing, and well designed
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Yeah!! This is so cool :)
The image for the Mac OSX loading bar has been removed from imgur. Very funny and great to use on other people's computers. Will you continue to add new things? Some Linux distros would be nice. :tuxla: 
fediaFedia Dec 12, 2013  Professional Interface Designer
Fixed it. I have no idea how linux update screens look like, if I had an example I'd do it.
rudake Oct 26, 2013  Hobbyist
This is so awesome
fediaFedia Oct 29, 2013  Professional Interface Designer
Aciu :D

Kaip radai sita saita?
miontre Jul 20, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
Hahahaha! :rofl: That is genius and very funny! :D
It would be awesome if you could make the loading wheel the mouse cursor using CSS so that it's even more realistic. :)
NassuArt Jul 18, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Windows 7 in an Apple computer? Hilarious.
My friend runs Arch Linux on his laptop, and when he was off in the bathroom, I opened this up full screen. When he came back, he almost shit himself.
Fucking love this thing, man! XD
My mom was commanding me to turn off the computer. And I didn't want to. I used the prank and she thought I was really turning it off xD She said she wasn't going out until I turn it off. Thanks for this, LOLXD
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