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March 18, 2010
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WIP - WP7 for rainmeter by fediaFedia WIP - WP7 for rainmeter by fediaFedia


Screw the Courier concept, THIS is much more awesome IMHO

I made a concept in word, and later in photoshop and this is the result. I think it looks quite interesting and with a bit of work could turn into a awesome fullscreen rainmeter theme.

I'll need help with this, those who are familiar with rainmeter and are interested in this, plz contact me!!!

Technical info:

Just like the phone, the blue boxes will have hover effects and serve as either a shortcut or a info panel. I plan that there would be 12 switchable panels which show various innformation. The background will be tinted with a gradient getting more black to the left and more transparent to the right. Still not sure what to do with the items under "Friday", but Im thinking those will be usual readers and notes and stuff.

Of course there will be different color variations.

comments, opinions, suggestions are most welcome!

PS I know its in the wrong category, but I don't think i'd find many volunteers to help me if it were in desktop screenshots...
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Okay this is an odd issue I've been having today. So I haven't touched any files, haven't moved anything around or changed any settings for my Launcher panels, but any time i try to open my email, it opens MS Word instead.

I think something is wrong with settings with my webparser.dll , but then again I'm not good with coding so I thought I could ask for suggestions?
It realy seems w8 Start Menu. I shoul have diferent paths for user to choose from, instead of have just internet explorer and etc. For that it shoul also exist an Options File, to easly do shortcuts, and change icons.
I hope had inspured you.
Very good.
gmargret Jun 19, 2011   Photographer
where to take the picture to my from a bridge?
fediaFedia Mar 8, 2011  Professional Interface Designer
dont forget to fave
Hw can I configure the Mail panel? Does it accept Gmail? I tried to insert my username en pasword en press set. But it won't work?? Am I doing something wrong? Thnx
fediaFedia Mar 3, 2011  Professional Interface Designer
Google trolled us, for now you can't use the mail panel
Thanks ;) I'm using this (only notes) in my desk : [link]
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