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November 6, 2008
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Glass for Vista WB by fediaFedia Glass for Vista WB by fediaFedia

INSTRUCTIONS (also can be found in the readme)

Make sure you have a ACTIVATED version of WindowBlinds 6.1 or newer which supports explorer backgrounds.

How to install properly:

1. COPY the "Glass for Vista" folder (the one with a bunch of images) to: C:\Users\Public\Documents\Stardock\WindowBlinds\ Open WindowBlinds Configuration and select Rebuild list from Skin options. (SkinStudio 6.3 has some sort of bug which doesn't allow to make wba packages)

2. In WindowBlinds configuration go to settings and advanced user settings - check the "I want to use Aero Window Frames but keep the rest of the skin" option.

3. Go to Look&Feel > Explorer Backgrounds, select from the backgrounds list a background called "Ice 1" or any other but NOT Skin Default.

4. Drag all sliders to the very left, especially opacacity.

5. Apply Changes.

Optional setting:

Go tp Settings > Change the look of app. Add c:\Windows\explorer.exe and set it to use Glass for Vista skin. Then you can apply Windows Aero skin to the rest of the system and only explorer will get skinned.

Known bugs:

The startmenu is still from diamond, will be replaced in the next betas.

The text is unreadable in some places - SkinStudio free doesn't seem to allow changing all system colors, so this bug is unresolvable...

Empty folders have a black background - looking for a way to fix this.

(NEW) Favorite links isn't transparent - limitation in WB.

Custom aero skins:

You can change your aero color of this skin and even use custom msstyles with this. All you need to do is replace aero.msstyles in C:\Windows\Resources\Themes\Aero with your custom VS. For example - rename nextlevel.msstyles to aero.msstyles and copy it to C:\Windows\Resources\Themes\Aero (make backups) then reapply the WB skin and you'll have nextlevel aero frames!

Note that the skin is created from Diamond (stardock allows to use diamond for making other skins) using portions of Aero Ultimate, it isn't 100% accurate to the vista default skin.

Totally XP incompatible, don't even bother trying

Comments are welcome!
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PacManix Mar 9, 2014  New member Professional Interface Designer
Isn't it stupid? You buy WindowBlinds for Windows 8 where it renders itself completely useless because every skin looks crappy on that OS. You install Vista on another partition for fun, want to try it, but WindowBlinds 8 is incompatible with Vista (but with 7!). And you can't download the older version. Stardock retards...
Really?! I'm installing Vista right now (cause tired of "7" and like "Vista" much more). But I was testing "8" a few days... and it totally pissed me off.

Therefore, I've came here to check cool looks for Vista... and, you tell us, that WindowsBlinds doesn't work for Vista?!
PacManix Mar 25, 2014  New member Professional Interface Designer
Yeah, the new WindowBlinds 8 doesn't work on Vista anymore. It really goes on my nerves.
Pradhunna May 9, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You must have made for Xp too...[link]
It's a lot of work, but looks fantastic when it's done. Thank you loads, you have definately earned this +fav.
Gaffel21 May 30, 2011
Do you know a theme like this for seven?? it should be awesome =)
fediaFedia May 30, 2011  Professional Interface Designer
Should be plenty on DA, just search glass theme
Hey where Can i Download Windows blind 6.1 And thank you bro for posting this wonderful thing
I tried that, and it is still there :(
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